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Interplay of AI-Driven Maritime Logistics: An In-Depth Research into Port Management, Advanced Operations Automation, and
CRM Integration for Optimized Performance and Efficiency
Sharda Kumari

The maritime fleet industry is undergoing a paradigm shift due to rapid advancements in digital technologies, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI). This paper presents an in-depth research into the interplay of AI-driven maritime logistics, focusing on port management, advanced operations automation, and customer relationship management (CRM) integration for optimized performance and efficiency.

Enhancing IoT Security and Efficiency: The Role of Cloud Computing and Machine LearningSatyanarayan Kanungo

The proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) has brought numerous benefits, but it has also raised concerns about security and efficiency. The interconnected nature of IoT devices and networks exposes them to various vulnerabilities and risks. To address these challenges, cloud computing and machine learning have emerged as powerful technologies with the potential to enhance IoT security and efficiency.

Context-Aware AI-Driven CRM: Enhancing Customer Journeys Through Real-Time Personalization and
Predictive Analytics
Sharda Kumari

In the era of digital transformation, customer relationship management (CRM) has become a key component of business success. Traditional CRM systems, however, often fail to provide the level of personalization and responsiveness required to meet customers' ever-evolving expectations.

Twitter Sentimental AnalysisJohn K.Victor, Ilo stanely Uzochukwu, Dr.N.Egu

Web-based media have gotten more consideration. Twitter is one of the web-based media that is acquiring fame. Twitter offers associations a quick and viable approach to dissect clients' points of view toward the basic to accomplishment in the commercial center.

Bridge Safety Monitoring System Using IOTMohammed Mehdi Rashidi, Mohammed Yousuf, Dr. Mubarak Jawahar Ali Khan

In this examination, a Bridge wellbeing checking framework utilizing IoT is created utilizing remote innovation. The assistance of progression in sensor innovation has brought the computerized continuous extension wellbeing checking framework.

Raising Hand Disaster Management Mobile ApplicationNirmal Kumar, Dr.Ram Sarvesh, Dr.S.Hari Shanker

Disaster Management application can be utilized as a client manual for think about catastrophic events, a calamity the executive's life cycle, first aid pack. Debacle causes different levels of impact and can make casualties needing critical assistance for food, wellbeing, or help.

Low Power Design of Geometric Mean Filter Using GWO PruningDr. B. Sakthivel

Geometric mean filter is commonly used in image processing application to remove Gaussian noise. In filter stage requires more number addition and multiplication process. Pruning is an approximation technique used to achieve a low power processing.

Traffic Density Estimation Based On Video ProcessingEva Maria, Sidhin Thomas, Dr.Arun Kumar

In this paper, the fundamental work is to control traffic density in significant urban communities which has been a mainstream research subject among researchers and modern experts.

Data-Driven Healthcare: Trends in Machine Learning and AI for Disease Prediction and PreventionSarika Mulukuntla,
Mounika Gaddam

In the rapidly evolving world of healthcare, the integration of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) has marked a transformative era, especially in the realm of disease prediction and prevention. This movement is not just about technological advancement; it’s about a profound shift towards a more data-driven approach in medicine that promises to enhance patient outcomes, reduce costs, and improve overall health system efficiency.

Cost Optimization Strategies for Kubernetes Deployments in Cloud EnvironmentsAnirudh Mustyala, Sumanth Tatineni

In today's cloud-driven world, managing costs while maintaining robust and scalable Kubernetes deployments is a critical challenge for organizations. This article delves into practical and effective cost optimization strategies for Kubernetes deployments in cloud environments. We explore the use of spot instances, a cost-efficient option for running non-critical workloads at a fraction of the price of on-demand instances.