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Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines

ESP JETA strives to publish high-quality original research, and we welcome your submissions. Strong writing, convincing arguments, inventive thinking, and an appealing prose style are all important to us. ESP JETA has a broad readership that spans scholarly disciplines and is not limited to academic institutions. We're looking for work that uses evidence, logic, and analysis to persuade while assuming no common theoretical preferences and Practical benefits.

Authors to Note

All the submissions require a cover letter that introduces the outline of the submitting article. ESP JETA does not encourage multiple journal submissions, be sure that the article was not submitted or in progress in any other journal.

Authors are requested to ensure that the article has been submitted in the preferred format approved by the journal.

All submissions should have a proper title to represent the article content. Articles should be prepared within the guidelines of page count, author count, reference format and numbering. All articles should contain Title, Abstract, Introduction, Materials and research Methods, Results, Discussion, Declaration and Funding Information (If any).

All submissions Should be in English language only.

Data accuracy is the most important one. Kindly ensure all datasets are correct. And also, be sure with all the authors who contributed to the article that the submitting version of the article is the final version.

Submissions should be in .docx or .pdf format only.

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