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Reviewer Guidelines

Reviewer Guidelines

Review is a time-consuming and demanding procedure that benefits both the reviewer and the community. The reviewer's responsibilities include evaluating an article submission, creating a review report, and ensuring the journal's quality by identifying incorrect research.

As a result, reviewers make a significant contribution to scientific progress and provide an indispensable service to the scientific community as a whole. Because the function of the reviewer is usually unpaid, donating some of one's time to review a scientific publication is a generous deed. The reviewer, on the other hand, is usually a researcher who benefits from having his work reviewed when it is submitted to a scientific journal. Furthermore, getting chosen as a reviewer by the editor of a prestigious scientific publication is a mark of respect from qualified peers.

ESP JETA honours all the reviewers for their eternal support for reviewing articles and also introducing our journal to various researchers and research forums. Reviewers of ESP JETA have a lot of responsibilities as well as requests from us.

  • 1. Once you receive the article for review, kindly ensure that the research work is relevant to your area of expertise.
  • 2. Ensure with the time period for review, ESP JETA has a great responsibility to reply to the authors on time.
  • 3. Kindly respond to the review request as soon as possible, even it may require acceptance for the review request or decline the request so that we can allocate the progress for some other reviewers without a minimum delay.
  • 4. Kindly handle the articles and supportive documents as confidential documents.
  • 5. We request you do not share the review information with anyone without Editor in Chief's or Managing Editor's Approval.
  • 6. The Model formal review report can be downloaded from the bottom of this page. Reviewers are requested to use the report format to review the articles.
  • 7. If you have come to the decision of rejection, you have to furnish what kind of major flaws you found in the article.
  • 8. Be sure that experimental analysis, results and conclusions, supportive documents such as pics, datasets, graphs, samples were placed in a proper manner.
  • 9. Kindly check with the references that have been mentioned properly and use the journal preferred format.
  • 10. Try to complete the review within the deadline.
Kindly Contact for detailed review report format.