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Design of Microstrip Patch Antenna for Radar and 5G Applications Osman Diriye Hussein, Anisa Ali Hussein | Download

From IG to 4G, there have been four generations of advancements in mobile wireless technology. The use of the internet by more people is currently causing growth in wireless communication technology.

Survey on Disease Identification and Severity Level Estimation on Plant Supriya Bhosale, Aditi Chhabria | Download

The most nutritive crop that is being cultivated across the globe is the tomato plant. Moreover, it has a vital impact on the growth of the agricultural economy in terms of cultivation and export levels Plants not only contains protein, but also has pharmacological properties that safeguard the people from conditions like “high blood pressure, hepatitis, gingival bleeding”, etc.

A High-Resolution Single-Source Three-Phase Switched-Capacitor Inverter with High Voltage Gain Sapana Sharma, V N Patil | Download

A novel three-phase switched-capacitor (SC) topology is proposed in this paper. A seven-level line-to-line output voltage waveform is generated by the fundamental structure of the proposed topology, which includes eight switches and two capacitors, per phase leg.

Classification of Potato Plant Leaf Diseases Using Convolution Neural Networks Umesh D Shirale, Ajij Sayyad | Download

One of the most common food crops grown worldwide is the potato. Numerous diseases prevent potato plants from growing properly. This plant's leaf area has observable illnesses. Early Blight (EB) and Late Blight are two prevalent leaf ailments that affect potato plants (LB).