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Smart Traffic Management System Using IoTS. Duraipandi, R. Divyadharshini, M. Janani, P. Samyuktha
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The increasing number of vehicles on roads has led to traffic congestion and delays, which have become a significant problem in many urban areas. This study proposes an IoT-based traffic density updation system using IR sensors and controlling traffic signal timing based on density. The system aims to provide real-time traffic density information to traffic management authorities and optimize traffic flow by controlling traffic signal timings.

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Implementing the use of systems thinking for innovation in organizations, especially large established organizations, is difficult. Too often efforts at implementation end up being too linear and limited in scope and do not really take advantage of systems thinking. This paper describes a theoretical process that attempts to embed systems thinking, so that broader scopes of considerations are included.

Dr. Vandana Malode
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One of the most important organs for the normal operation of our body is the heart. A WHO investigation revealed that cardiovascular diseases consistently account for 31% of deaths worldwide (CVDs). Additionally, low- and middle-income nations like India account for more than 75% of these deaths. Predicting whether or whether CVDs will occur inside a mortal body is the key challenge.

Differential Transformation in Numerical Study: A Case Study Differentiability Equation Jyoti V Dighole, Mangal P Kale | Download

Differential equations play a crucial role in understanding many events in technology and generation. Transformation techniques are one of the numerical approaches that mathematicians have devised to provide a numerical solution of differential equations with the least amount of error. There is currently no transformation method that claims to solve the supplied differential equations numerically or accurately without error.

An Analysis of the Privacy and Security Related Problem with Social Networks Saptarshi Kumar Sarkar, Amitava Podder, Piyal Roy | Download

Social networking is becoming more and more important as a result of the development in online communication over the last few years. Computer network operation, information flow patterns in societies, and emergent behaviour of physical and biological systems can all be studied using social network analysis. Social networks are now widely used, which has made it simpler for people to communicate with one another and share data online.

Implementation of Smart Online Shopping Application for Idhaya Hostellers Jansi Sophia Mary C, Harinitha J, Bhuvneshwari M | Download

Smart Online Shopping Application for Idhaya hostellers is a web-based application. The students of Idhaya Engineering College for Women, who belong to the Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) are running Idhaya Hostel Canteen. In order to develop the Entrepreneur mindset, the interested students join and run the canteen. Stationery items, Toilet things, Costumes, Snacks, Fresh Juice and Food items are sold in the canteen.

An AC-DC Interleaved ZCS-PWM Boost Converter with Reduced Auxiliary for High-Voltage EV Battery Systems A.Mathavan, K.Gokulraj | Download

This work presents a novel approach for the design of a single-stage AC/DC isolated adaptive-network-based fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) controller for board chargers in electric vehicles (EVs) with high-voltage (HV) battery systems. The proposed converter utilizes a modular stacked switches structure with interleaved control, combining modular interleaved bridgeless AC/DC boost converters and modular CLL resonant circuits.

Health-Care Recommender System Using Collaborative Filtering Algorithm Ubani Chinyere, Mark Uvietesiri, Syvester Akhetuamen, Morgan Obi | Download

Presently, there are thousands of hospitals offering several types of services to patients. It becomes challenging for a patient to make an informed decision on which hospital to visit for treatment for a particular ailment. Recommender systems have been used in diverse areas to solve the problem of decision making by providing several options for users based on certain attributes of the user that are similar to that of other users with similar attributes.

Smart Electricity Demand Forcasting by Using Improved LSTM Algorithm H. Jeyalakshmi, M. Mariammal | Download

Demand forcasting, which concerns the estimation of future electricity demand, is needed for the operation and management of power systems. Effective Electricity demand forecasting can relieve the conflict between power supply and demand. Furthermore, effective load forecasting can improve the efficiency of power stations and ensure the safety of the grid.

IoT Based Air Pollution Monitoring System Dr. Jayasundar S A, A.Yashwini, I.Sneka | Download

Our day-to-day activities and quality of life are impacted by air pollution. It threatens the planet's ecosystem and standard of living. Due to increased industrial activity in recent years, the urgent need to monitor air quality is very obvious. People need to be aware of how much their activities affect the quality of the air.

5G and AI-Driven Process Control: Digital Transformation Boosting Agility and Effectiveness in Supply Chains, Manufacturing Systems & Telehealth Delivery Sharda Kumari, Viraj Lele, Deepak Singh, Dhruval Shah | Download

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has initiated a digital transformation, marked by the integration of 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT). This paper investigates the potential of 5G and AI-driven remote process control to revolutionize manufacturing systems, enhancing their agility and effectiveness.

An Efficient FIR filter Design Technique using Graphical Interface Nutan V. Bansode, Hemant L. Jadhav/span> | Download

Spectrum analysis using digital filters is crucial for both signal and picture processing. In this article, all sorts of FIR responses are generated as well as analyzed using windowing techniques. Based on the provided criteria, a window is chosen, and the filter's properties are studied. The design of a FIR filter is described in the second part of this work, which also shows how to put it into practice by simulating it on the MATLAB GUI platform using various windowing strategies for different orders of filter.

Study of the Cryogenic Treatment For Different Cutting tools S. R. Rathoda1, N. V. Kalyankarb2, Y. M. Khanc, S. S. Tarwaded | Download

Nowadays, cryogenic treatment of materials used in cutting devices is well recognised as a correlative procedure used to improve the material's mechanical and physical properties. For various grades of hardware preparations and tungsten carbide embeds, reports have been made regarding improvements in wear resistance, sturdiness, break obstruction, expanded hardness, improved warm conductivity, lower synthetic corruption, and fantastic remaining pressure condition.

KNN Model for Cancer Prediction Using Stem Cells P. Mahalakshmi, P. Sangeetha, G. Harikrishnaveni, C. Dhivya | Download

To develop a method for detecting and identifying the type of cancer using the k-nearest neighbor (KNN) algorithm. The KNN algorithm is a simple machine learning algorithm that classifies [1]-[3] an input sample based on the majority of its nearest neighbor in the training data. The KNN algorithm is trained on a large dataset of cancer patients and their corresponding diagnosis, and is then used to predict the type of cancer for a new patient based on their clinical and laboratory test results.

Recent Trends of Artificial Intelligence in the Internet of Things Amitava Podder, Shyamalendu Paul | Download

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly transforming various industries and enabling innovative applications. In recent years, several trends have emerged in the application of AI in the IoT, including edge computing for real-time analysis, predictive maintenance, intelligent automation, smart homes and cities, and security.