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An Efficient FIR filter Design Technique using Graphical Interface

ESP Journal of Engineering & Technology Advancements
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Volume 3  Issue 2
Year of Publication : 2023
Authors : Nutan V. Bansode, Hemant L. Jadhav


Nutan V. Bansode, Hemant L. Jadhav, 2023. An Efficient FIR filter Design Technique using Graphical Interface ESP Journal of Engineering & Technology Advancements  3(2): 87-90.


Spectrum analysis using digital filters is crucial for both signal and picture processing. In this article, all sorts of FIR responses are generated as well as analyzed using windowing techniques. Based on the provided criteria, a window is chosen, and the filter's properties are studied. The design of a FIR filter is described in the second part of this work, which also shows how to put it into practice by simulating it on the MATLAB GUI platform using various windowing strategies for different orders of filter. The effects of various windowing approaches on the FIR filter's design performance are then compared and analyzed.


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FIR Filter Design, GUI, Hamming, Hanning, Rectangular Windowing Technique.