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Smart Traffic Management System Using IoT

ESP Journal of Engineering & Technology Advancements
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Volume 3  Issue 2
Year of Publication : 2023
Authors : Livinka S, Divya Dharshini R


Livinka S, Divya Dharshini R, 2023. "Smart Traffic Management System Using IoT" ESP Journal of Engineering & Technology Advancements  3(2): 1-7.


The increasing number of vehicles on roads has led to traffic congestion and delays, which have become a significant problem in many urban areas. This study proposes an IoT-based traffic density updation system using IR sensors and controlling traffic signal timing based on density. The system aims to provide real-time traffic density information to traffic management authorities and optimize traffic flow by controlling traffic signal timings. The system uses IR sensors to detect and monitor traffic density in different locations, which is then sent to the cloud for processing and analysis. Data analytics software is used to determine traffic density, which is then used to control traffic signal timings. The system also offers real-time monitoring of traffic density, congestion, and other parameters, which helps drivers and traffic management authorities make informed decisions. The proposed system has the potential to significantly reduce traffic congestion, waiting times at traffic signals, and enhance road safety.


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IoT, Traffic Density, IR sensor, Traffic Status, Monitoring.